Welcome to Beachwood Canyon

Welcome to Beachwood Canyon

Beachwood Canyon is an eastside oasis that sits just below the Hollywood Sign in bustling Hollywood. Often referred to as the tree it received its name from, Beachwood Canyon is made up of numerous steep and winding side streets. Locals refer to Lower Beachwood as the trunk of the community and Upper Beachwood and its streets as wide-reaching branches. 

Upper Beachwood, also known as Hollywoodland, is comprised of single-family homes with views of the Hollywood sign, the Los Angeles Basin, or downtown. The city’s known for its architectural charm, with self-led tours around its esteemed neighborhoods.

Despite being steps from Hollywood, nature surrounds Beachwood Canyon. Living here feels like living in a wildlife sanctuary in the middle of LA. Plants and animals abound, from deer to wildflowers, and the atmosphere here is relaxed and welcoming. Beachwood Canyon attracts a diverse range of residents with its mix of charm and character, from creative artists and families to young professionals and retirees. 


  • Beautiful views of Hollywood
  • The abundant natural beauty around every corner
  • Incredible views from Hollywoodland properties 
  • Lots of architectural charm


Beachwood Canyon is the perfect place for those who wish to be close to the awe-inspiring action of Hollywood without sacrificing their quiet, suburban-style living. The area’s bountiful nature inspires a love for the outdoors, and locals enjoy exploring its green spaces during their free time, whether by walking the Beachwood Stairs or taking a leisurely stroll through the hills and around the reservoir. 

Beachwood Canyon also boasts an active arts scene with a calendar full of live performances and festivals. Local writers are often found typing away at cafes, restaurants, and bistros along Franklin Street. 


A walk through Franklin Village provides everything residents need to create a wonderful day in their community. This retail and culinary enclave features an active foodie scene with specialty eateries like The Oaks Gourmet Market & Cafe. Locals come from all around to experience the locale’s incredible selection of cheeses and stay for their gourmet pizzas and perfectly prepared burgers. Lily’s Bar serves terrific cocktails with a quality selection of fine liquors. Martinis served with mosaic designs cater to the relaxed vibe of the atmosphere. However, it’s not all about the drinks; the bar makes fresh bread and other savory treats from their in-house bakery that are just as delightful as their libations. 

Locals have the pleasure of visiting Kettle Glazed Doughnuts for a sweet treat. This hip LA favorite serves gourmet donuts with innovative flavors and the best cronut in California. After grabbing a donut, locals might head to Daily Planet Book Store to browse their selection of eclectic books, art magazines, and obscure finds. 

Beachwood Canyon is home to Cara Hotel, a boutique hotel known for its incredible restaurant, Cara Restaurant. The eatery’s beautiful Mediterranean setting makes any brunch feel like a mini vacation. Guests here rave about the cuisine and romantic atmosphere. Speaking of, Osteria La Buca creates a memorable dining experience with its chic ambiance, created with brick walls, dark tones, and beautifully decorated tables. Buca means little corner, and Osteria La Buca stays true to its name, transporting guests into a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of a small Italian village. 


Living steps from the bustling streets of Hollywood promises days of excitement, and Beachwood delivers. Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre puts on great shows featuring local comedians and plays. It’s a popular spot among locals who thrive in the city’s active art scene. 

Beachwood Canyon has more to offer than its lively arts scene, though; the city loves its outdoor fun! Lake Hollywood Park is just a quick commute away from the community and is home to the infamous Hollywood Sign. This green oasis features turquoise blue waters and a hillside covered in trees and shrubs of cadmium, emerald, jade, and Veridian. Locals come here before taking the hike to the Hollywood Sign, where guests can hike up California’s iconic rolling hills and mountains to get a photo-op.

On a clear night, Mount Hollywood provides more than stunning views of the city’s skyline. Griffith Observatory is a spectacular site all on its own. The painted dome ceiling is reminiscent of its Italian roots. Sculptures and art surround the observatory, reflecting on how form dictates beauty. 

My personal favorite is a family owned ranch located at 3400 N Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068. As you step into this hidden gem, the bustling city fades away, and you're greeted with warm hospitality and picturesque landscapes. Sunset Ranch offers a variety of well-maintained trails suitable for all levels of riders, ensuring an unforgettable equine adventure. Whether you're seeking a romantic sunset ride or a fun-filled family outing, Sunset Ranch promises to be a serene escape where you can forge a deep connection with nature and create cherished memories with their gentle and well-trained horses.

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